Solid Heavy-Duty Construction

Robust, Reliable Centrifugal Fans & Blowers for Industrial Applications

We put all of our attention, talent, and resources on industrial customers who need heavy-duty centrifugal fans and blowers for their equipment and operations. That’s it. We design, build, deliver and service fans and blowers for industrial customers all over the world and across industrial sectors processing clean, saturated and material-laden air and gasses.

Part of what that means is that there are things we DON’T do. We don’t make light-duty commercial-grade fans for institutions or office buildings, and we don’t make residential or ceiling fans. We put our heavy-duty engineering talent to work in a very specific way, allowing us to understand and serve our customers with deep focus and experience.

The Breadth Depth of a Focused Product Line

Although our focus is tight, that doesn’t mean we only make a handful of products or serve a few industries. Quite the contrary. Because each application and installation has unique characteristics, we customize just about every project. We make every possible configuration and arrangement within the industrial centrifugal fan category, and we design and produce it to specification.

Heavy-duty construction includes size and scale, as well as materials of construction, features, and accessories. We build our fans to work hard and last for years!

More Ways We’re Different

Beyond our intense focus on heavy-duty industrial centrifugal fans and robust, reliable quality of construction, there are a number of ways we stand out in our industry, all wrapped around one thing: our customers. We’ve adapted our process to enable:


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