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Industrial Finishes for Centrifugal Fans

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Industrial fan finishes are coatings we use on your fan’s interior and exterior. Due to specific methods of application, these coatings are both protective and aesthetic.


Coatings & Custom Finishes

The main purpose for applying industrial coatings to the fan is to protect it from corrosion and make the materials more resistant to fire, heat, particles, and other elements. However, many customers are also pleased with the improved appearance that coatings provides.

Our Industrial Coatings and Custom Finishes

Custom finishes are important to us because we equip our centrifugal fans with features that make routine maintenance easy for you. We use a variety of enamels, specialty paints, powder coatings, and other custom linings to increase the life of your fans and blowers.

Our standard industrial primer and enamel will protect your fans in a general industrial environment. Other finishes and linings offer protection for specialized environments, such as high temperature, corrosive, abrasive, and food grade applications.

AirPro Coatings & Custom Finishes

Primary Industrial Finishes for Centrifugal Fans

Wet paints: Industrial coating for general industrial environments. There are options for high temperature, food grade, and other custom requirements.

  • Enamel: Often specified for high or volatile temperature and waterproofing applications, enamel paint can be oil-based, water-based, or latex-based
  • Epoxy: Epoxy wet paint industrial coatings are resin-based, and produce a chemical and solvent-resistant finish to protect against water, alkali, and acids
  • Polyurethane: a single-coat system for steel and aluminum surfaces, polyurethanes provide chemical, impact, and abrasion resistance

Powder-coating: Economical, long-lasting, and available on virtually any type of metal, powder coated finishes are resistant to damage from impact, moisture, and chemicals.

Special linings: Generally applied to the fan interior for added protection from corrosive and abrasive materials.

  • Rubber: A tough elastic polymeric material that coats the inside of containers to prevent corrosion.
  • Ceramic tile: Wear-resistant, fire-resistant, anti-corrosion, non-oxidizing, ceramic linings effectively prolong the service life of the equipment
  • Teflon: Teflon industrial liners protect equipment in harsh, high-heat applications. Most Teflon coatings for industrial use require a primer coat.

Other custom coatings are available – just ask an application engineer!

We highly recommend discussing your finish and coating concerns with our application engineering group. There may be important factors you may want to consider before selecting a fan for your application.