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Rated #1 in Reliability

Since 2002, we’ve led the way in customer reliability. Those who work with us know that we do everything in our power to meet and exceed the needs of our customer - 100% of the time!

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On-Time Delivery

We’ve raised the bar on our industry’s standard 80% rate of on-time deliveries. We’ve set the goal at 95%+ and have consistently met and exceeded this benchmark.

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Top Industry Warranty

We have confidence in our products! Our best-in-industry 3-Year Gold Warranty far outperforms our competitors and comes standard on every single product we manufacture.

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Since 2002

We Consistently Go The Extra Mile For Our Customers

At AirPro, our company’s culture has been thoughtfully built upon the foundation of putting the needs of the customer above those of our own. We understand that the industrial air products we manufacture and services we provide have a direct impact on our customer’s business operations and ability to be profitable. Therefore, we take our role very seriously and are absolutely honored by the trust that our customers place into us for providing essential products and performing critical services.

From quick turnarounds on quotes, expedited deliveries, urgent intervention for emergencies, and standing behind our products with our best-in-industry 3 Year Gold Standard Warranty, you can always count on AirPro for the industrial air needs of your organization.

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We Manufacture
Top-Notch FansBlowersEquipment

Our team of innovators at AirPro brings together the best talent in engineering to design and develop industrial air products with the highest levels of integrity. While everything we manufacture is proudly made in the USA, customers around the world rely on our decades of combined expertise, ISO 9001:2015 certification, high-quality construction, on-time deliveries, emergent intervention, fast turnarounds, and our best-in-industry product guarantees.

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Employee Owned

As of 2016, AirPro is a fully employee-owned company. Through giving each team member “skin in the game,” we are able to best serve the needs of our customers and create a company culture that is centered around our values of top-notch quality, accountability, reliability - and a whole lot of hustle!

Whether you’re interacting with our team of administrative professionals who answer the phone lines, are having a consult with our engineers, or are speaking with our company founder, you will quickly notice our passion and steadfast commitment to absolute excellence. It’s simply who we are and what we do, and we hope that you’ll give us the honor to be of service to your organization!

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I’ve had several opportunities to challenge AirPro with some high-priority difficult problems. In each occasion, AirPro has come through for me in a big way…

Beecher SkinnerMaintenance Superintendent

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As we run our factory nearly 18 hours a day six days a week, the quality of the equipment needs to be top-notch and efficient and running every single day - we can’t afford any downtime whatsoever…

Michael SchwartzPresident, Quality Enclosures

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We’ve been producing rotary dryers for over 30 years under the Duske Drying name and have used every major [industrial fan] brand name and manufacturer. We began a relationship with AirPro…

Mike UzelacPresident & CEO

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