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Centrifugal fans are essential equipment in any industrial environment, but they’re not the primary focus of the business. That means you need an industrial fan troubleshooting plan to identify and handle any issues quickly when they arise, and before they become serious - if possible.

The easiest and most reliable way to handle industrial fan troubleshooting is to follow your Installation, Operations, and Maintenance (IOM), including following a regular preventative maintenance schedule, and call a trusted application engineer when you find issues to facilitate optimal resolution.

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If your fan performance seems to be declining, or if your fan fails and creates downtime, we are here to support you. Our application engineers work with you or on your behalf to solve problems in the timeliest and most cost-effective method possible.

Additionally, please remember that our fans and blowers are covered by our industry-leading 3-year warranty, so if you’re having any problems, we expect to be right there with you figuring it out and resolving any issue as quickly as possible. However, even if you’re using another manufacturer’s fan, we’re at your service to dig into industrial fan troubleshooting, find the issue, and even expedite a retrofit solution.

Receiving this level of support when you need assistance is the foundation of any trusted supplier relationship, and you always count on AirPro!

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The Basics
of Industrial Fan Troubleshooting

In a comprehensive blog post and video, we offered five steps to identify the issues and find solutions through industrial fan troubleshooting. Here are the five steps:

1.   Check fan rotation and speed

2.   Collect key measurements and information

3.   Plot the ideal fan curve and horsepower curve

4.   Compare ideal to actual readings and review installation photos

5.   Have an application engineer inspect the fan and system directly

Read on to see details of each step: What to Check

Key Measurements and Information

The second item on the five steps to troubleshoot a fan is to collect key measurements and information. In another helpful blog and video, we outlined the information and measurements you need, including:

  • Fan Curve from the Fan Manufacturer - (provides static pressure, volume, and horsepower consumption under perfect conditions)
  • Optimal and Max Speed
  • Air Density
  • Amp Draw
  • Static Pressure Differential

Refer to our Centrifugal Fan Troubleshooting blog and video for more details to prepare for your process.

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