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Comprehensive 3-Year Warranty Across Full Product Line

We Proudly Back Every Product We Create

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We’ve always designed and built fans and blowers that last. And we’ve always stood by them. Starting in April 2020, we are raising the bar on our Standard Warranty. Every product we make now comes with a 3-Year Gold Standard Warranty.


What “Gold Standard” Warranty Means

Most of our competitors provide standard warranties for industrial fans which cover the lesser of 12 months from installation or 18 months from shipment. Since our passion is our work - and because the industrial fans and blowers we make outperform that length of time consistently - we have raised the bar and hold ourselves to a much higher standard! In our efforts to make you as confident in our products as we are, every single product we manufacture now comes with our industry-leading 3-year Gold Standard Warranty.

Confidence for OEM Customers

When you specify our fans and blowers for your systems or for your customers’ systems, you can be assured that we stand confidently behind our products. We become an integral part of the quality assurance that you deliver to your customers.

Reliability for End Users

From design conceptualization through installation and operations, we seek to be an invaluable asset to your organization while providing peace of mind. Aside from our industry-leading 3-year Gold Standard Warranty, we also provide customers with direct access to the repair and retrofit expertise of our application engineers on an as-needed basis during the warranty period.

gold standard of reliability

How We Can Support a 3-Year Warranty

How can we guarantee our products for 2-3 times the standard? That’s simple - quality is already built into everything we do. We are committed to assuring quality control and delivering value. We take great pride of ownership from top to bottom across our entire organization, and we’re not happy unless you’re happy.

We also have a process built around customers, from fast quotes and drawings to on-time delivery and expedited orders, parts, and service.