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AirPro Chemical Process

Feed Minerals Facility

  When you’ve got two [dirty-air] fans that have been performing outstandingly for almost three years and you’ve got other fans that are not performing that well and they’re not even seeing all that dirty stuff, it made the decision to go to AirPro [for an oxidizer fan] easy. When you’ve got other vendors coming in and wowed by how well AirPro is built - the structure, the pedestal, the wheel itself - they wanted to compete, but it’s hard with something like that. They were impressed as well. It was a win-win for us. Good fan, good price, no issues - that’s what we like. I like low maintenance.  

Josh, Maintenance, Manager

Since 2016

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AirPro Energy

Glass Tempering Facility

  As we run our factory nearly 18 hours a day six days a week, the quality of the equipment needs to be top-notch and efficient and running every single day - we can’t afford any downtime whatsoever. Having a reliable blower is essential to the operation… recently we had a blower that was nearly five years old purchased overseas and experienced a catastrophic failure and we were immediately shut down until we discovered a firm that could replace the fan to our needs.  

Michael Schwartz, President, Quality Enclosures

Since 2015

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AirPro Industrial Products

Rotary Dryer OEM

  We’ve been producing rotary dryers for over 30 years under the Duske Drying name and have used every major [industrial fan] brand name and manufacturer. We began a relationship with AirPro and that relationship has proven to us to be a good value package. The price is good, delivery is good, quality is great. Talking with people within my organization, AirPro has been a pleasure to work with. You combine that with a great value package, and that’s what defines a great vendor.  

Mike Uzelac, President & CEO

Since 2014

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AirPro Food Processing

OEM & AirPro Rep

  As an AirPro Representative, I know that whoever I talk with inside the AirPro company, takes it seriously. I can tell you that everyone within AirPro must feel like they’re an owner of the company because they respond quickly. It’s all about communicating effectively and quickly that I think cements our relationship with AirPro. That’s how we like to do business.  

Roger Parrish, President & Engineer

Since 2002

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AirPro Food Processing

Packaging Facility

  I’ve had several opportunities to challenge AirPro with some high-priority difficult problems. In each occasion, AirPro has come through for me in a big way. Without their support, we’d have lost many many hours of production, and I can’t say enough about the service they’ve provided over the years. We’ve built a strong working relationship together and I have great trust in not only their service but their fans as well. They’ve made replacement fans for me and we’ve been very happy with the support we’ve gotten.”  

Beecher Skinner, Maintenance Superintendent

Since 2004

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