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Quick Drawing Delivery

OEM Customers Count on Fan Arrangement Drawings to Complete & Build Designs

When you place an order, you’re likely ready to get your project started. We understand that and love the positive momentum! However, there’s a vital step before production can start, and that’s for us to provide the inputs necessary for design and production to specifications, including general arrangement drawings of the fan. While this process could delay your project when working with many companies of our caliber, our team at AirPro is proud of our ability to deliver everything you need to get started within just two weeks of receiving your purchase order - awesome!

HowWe Help

We may provide reference CAD drawings for your quote upon request, but once you approve the quote and place your order, we finalize the details and begin work on your custom drawings. Our team understands the critical nature of both project timelines and design accuracy

It’s for these reasons that our process prioritizes getting you full-scale CAD drawings or 3D models within 2 weeks of the order. We are committed to quality and efficiency in all that we do!

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The Process
Getting from Order to Production

Faster turnaround on the drawings helps you keep the process moving so you can deliver on time and on budget. OEMs and end-users who work with us know they’re not going to be held up waiting for our drawings. The process is as simple as this:

  • Using the exact specifications in the order, we render either a full-scale CAD drawing or a 3D model
  • We provide the drawing for review and make any required changes
  • You approve the final drawing
  • We certify the final drawing and release the fan into production

Situated between fast quote turnaround and on-time delivery, the quick 2-week timeframe for delivery of custom 3D CAD model drawings means you won’t be waiting for us at any step along the way to completing your system.