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When you need urgent help with your industrial centrifugal fan and waiting would simply be too costly, our Application Engineers are ready to intervene and provide an efficient resolution.

HowWe Help

When it matters to our customer, it matters to us. It is for this reason that we can expedite almost anything. Of course, we have standard lead times, but we understand that situations arise and we adapt to the needs of our customer.

We provide expedited assistance with both fan parts and service, whether AirPro or other brands of industrial centrifugal fans. For customers using competitor fans, we rebuild critical fan parts like the wheel, shaft, and bearings. We will also send technicians on-site if necessary - to balance fans, repair them, test them, and confirm operational performance.

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Expedited Service Example
Custom Fan Built & Shipped in Six Days

Sometimes, a quick ship date for a custom industrial fan is simply not quick enough. As a business-minded team with decades of combined experience, we completely understand this type of situation.

In this example, we mobilized our team to fulfill a request for a custom material handling fan with a 150-horsepower motor on a unitary base with vibration isolation, and they needed it in DAYS, not weeks. Our team of engineers and fabricators took it on, and successfully designed, built and loaded it on the truck in SIX (6) DAYS from start to finish! While this doesn’t exactly describe our average day of work, we are capable of using everything in our power to “do the necessary” for our customers when needed.

Therefore, the next time you need urgent repair or retrofit for an existing fan or a quick-ship industrial fan, rest-assured knowing that AirPro is here to help make the “impossible” a possibility for your organization!

Far from Average
Peace of Mind

We never over-promise and under-deliver. Our business model is actually to the contrary. It’s for this reason that “expedited delivery” is not our standard, while on-time delivery is. However, we can and do promise expedited delivery as well because sometimes our customers truly need it. After all, delivering a custom-engineered heavy-duty industrial fan in days rather than weeks has saved our customers days of downtime and reduced lost production costs by hundreds of thousands of dollars.

It is important to note that we provide expedited delivery of fans and fan parts as well as expedited service, repair, and retrofit for existing fans, whether AirPro or other brands of industrial centrifugal fans. Even if you’re using competitor fans, we can rebuild essential fan parts. We will also send technicians to the field when necessary - to balance fans, repair them, test them, and confirm operational performance.

It would be easier and faster if we were dealing with simple, off-the-shelf components, but our centrifugal fans are often large and custom pieces of equipment. When you combine that understanding with the fact that no two applications are exactly alike, it is understandable that repairs and retrofits are a special and generally time-consuming challenge, which would normally result in downtime costing tens of thousands of dollars an hour. To avoid this scenario, calling the right company who can intervene quickly and effectively is absolutely crucial. If your organization finds itself in this situation, please know that you can always call on AirPro. We are here to assist you, and we are capable to deliver in a BIG and valuable way for your company!

Choose Your Partners
Wisely & Carefully

OEM suppliers need partners they can count on over the long run and when they find themselves in a bind. When equipment fails (and we all know equipment fails sometimes) no one wants to waste time not knowing who to call and who they can rely on.

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