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Solid Heavy-Duty Construction

Robust, Reliable Centrifugal Fans & Blowers for Industrial Applications

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Our heavy-duty construction accounts for size and scale, as well as materials, features, and accessories. We put our decades of heavy-duty engineering talent and experience to work in a very specific way, with deep focus and efficiency for our customers. We build our fans to withstand the test of time!


Solid Heavy-Duty Construction

At AirPro, we pour our attention, talent, and resources into industrial customers who need reliable heavy-duty centrifugal fans and blowers for their equipment and operations. To meet their needs, we use our expertise to design, build, deliver, and service fans and blowers for industrial customers all over the world and across industrial sectors, processing clean, saturated and material-laden air and gasses.

The Breadth & Depth Of Our Focused Product Line

While our range of expertise is vast, our focus is tight. Our products are designed with maximum reliability in mind, and that influences every aspect of our manufacturing process. We are innovative and possess unique expertise in a variety of industries, creating custom solutions for just about every customer project. After all, doing so is generally a requirement, as each application and installation has characteristics completely unique to its organization or environment.

AirPro Solid Heavy-Duty Construction

More Ways We’re Different

Beyond our intense focus on heavy-duty industrial centrifugal fans and a robust quality of construction, there are additional ways we stand out in our industry. Each difference is clearly driven by our passion for excellence and strong desire to exceed the expectations of our customers.

  • Fast Quote Turnaround
  • Drawings in 2 Weeks
  • On-Time Delivery
  • Expedited Delivery
  • Flexible Hustle
  • 3-Year Warranty