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High Temperature Exhaust Applications


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High Temperature Exhaust Fans

High Temperature process airstreams require specially designed centrifugal fans that can handle extremely high temperatures. Along with the Radial Paddle Wheel Fan, the Forward Curved Fan is one of the select designs that can - quite literally - take the heat!

Forward Curved Fan Description

The impeller on this fan has forward curved blades that are relatively small. They curve in the direction of the rotation of the wheel. Often used in a Plug arrangement, the Forward Curved Exhaust Fan mounts directly to an enclosure.

The AirPro Forward Curved High Temperature Fan works in a wide range of industrial furnaces, industrial ovens, and other heat-processing equipment. Generally designed to move high volumes of air at low static pressures, this high temperature fan can use several wheel designs and with various materials that are appropriate for the specific operating temperature.

A Forward Curved high temperature exhaust fan requires no ductwork, as the wheel is directly inserted into the enclosure. The motor, bearings, and drive parts are positioned outside of the airstream.

Forward Curved Fan Performance & Design

  • Volume: up to 500,000 cfm
  • Pressure: up to 10”wg
  • Temperature: up to 1800°F
  • Configuration: with/without housing and inlet cone
  • Drive: Belt & Direct

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