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Companies & Industries Served

Even Unique Customers Share Common Challenges and Opportunities

Companies & Industries

  • We don’t simply design and build industrial centrifugal fans and blowers. We customize our products for and with customers across industries nationally and provide products to OEMs around the world. Below you will find a partial list of customers/users in some of the industries we’ve served most frequently over the decades, but this list is by no means exhaustive. If you’re wondering whether or not we’ve served a company like yours, please reach out and ask. We welcome the conversation!

02. Steel, Paper & Chemical Process

04. Consumer & Industrial Products

This broad set of sectors includes everything from consumer packaged goods and durables to industrial components and materials. They use process air from industrial fans throughout for high-temperature applications, dryers, process heating etc.

05. Food Processing

Food and dairy processing industry manufacturers use centrifugal fans throughout their operations for anything from general ventilation, supply, and exhaust to spray drying, cyclones, and dust collection.