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About AirPro

Industry-Leading Industrial Fan and Blower Manufacturer

Founded in 2002

  • Our three founding members, Keith White Sr., Marty Mathews, and Jim Pierce (retired) started AirPro in Rhinelander, Wisconsin in 2002 to create good jobs and a sustainable business in their hometown. Under the leadership of White Sr. for the company’s first 20 years, we became an industry leader with multiple offers to sell, but each time, we dug our roots down further, creating a culture of commitment to our community, customer satisfaction, and as of 2016, we are 100% employee owned.

As an industrial fan manufacturer, we design, build, deliver, and help install heavy-duty centrifugal fans and blowers. We also provide service, retrofit, and repair in the field - whether our own or made by any other manufacturer. We serve OEM customers who supply equipment to industrial customers, as well as direct to industrial customers who need equipment for their own operations.

Customers worldwide depend on our engineering expertise, application experience, ISO 9001:2015 certification, customer-driven innovation, and high-quality construction with all products made in the USA. Customers rely on our unrelenting hustle to provide on-time delivery, expedited service and delivery options, fast turnaround at every stage, and a guaranteed 3-year warranty.

Our vision has always been clear: bring together the best minds in engineering, develop top-quality industrial fans and blowers, and deliver them with unmatched reliability and customer service. Part of how we accomplish this is by staying true to our founding values.

100% Employee-owned means we are all in for our customers. We’ve leveraged our expertise to develop top-notch innovation, processes, and fan product lines, all while incorporating customer needs, feedback, and ideas into everything we do and every industrial fan we make.

Since the beginning, we’ve prioritized technology to provide fast service. Our customers benefit from our fresh and skilled approach to an old industry. AirPro’s founding engineers brought decades of experience in the fan industry. However, we’re not just resting on the experience of our past. We are constantly working with our customers and colleagues to stay ahead of the curve and solve problems before they start.

“… the company of engineers at AirPro listen to our specifications and then develop and provide a blower that stands up to the test of time. Our job specifications change by size and number of units all the time. We can always count on AirPro Fan and Blower to help us in providing a great product to our customer.”

Mike - Food Processing Equipment