Dust Collector Fans

Dust Collector Fans for Your Application

Industrial fans are essential components to most dust collector fan systems. The fans are used to either “push” air (forced draft) or “suck” air (induced draft) through the system. Different types of dust collectors call for different types of fans; and your application will determine the best fan technology, arrangement, and accessories to use.

Dust Collector Fan Technology

There are many variations of dust collectors to remove nuisance or process dust, but there are only a couple of things to consider when choosing the most effective fan technology.

First, it’s critical to think about the level of dust loading on your fan, as getting this wrong could lead to fan failure. Some fans only need to move clean air, as the systems will remove the dust and contaminants before the air goes through the fan. Other fans need to actually handle the contaminants. Our backward curved and backward inclined designs are the most common technology options for clean air while our radial tipped and industrial exhausters are ideal for handling contaminants.

Second, your airflow and static pressure combination affects the type of fan you can use. A backward inclined fan may be used with high air volumes and low static pressures while high pressure fans may be required for low air volumes and high static pressures.

Dust Collector Fan Arrangements

Fan Arrangements specify how the motors mounts to and drive the fans, and both direct drive and belt drive options are used with dust collectors. Smaller cartridge collectors often use direct drive “top mount” fans where the fans mount directly to the top of the collector. Larger units and baghouse collectors will use “ground mounted” fans installed on foundations separate from the collectors.

Dust Collector Fan Accessories

Dust collector fans often require accessory items for optimal use and maintenance. Dampers may be used to control the airflow, VFD’s to adjust speed, Silencers to reduce noise, and several other Accessories to fit your application needs.

Talk with Our Application Engineers

If you feel overwhelmed by all this information, don’t despair! We have a team of application engineers who are happy to talk with you and select the best fan for your application. You can call 715-365-3267 or send us your information, and one of our engineer will connect with you.

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