Industrial Fan Applications

Need an Industrial Fan for Your Specific Application? AirPro Can Help

At AirPro, we provide our clients with solutions to fit any number of applications – from dust collection to material handling and virtually everything in between. Our centrifugal blowers can be designed to handle dirty airstreams, high temperatures, corrosive environments and more.

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Common Industrial Centrifugal Fan Applications Include:

Dust Collection – Radial tipped and backward inclined fans are most commonly used for process air dust collection, though AirPro engineers can custom design an industrial fan to meet the needs of any dust collection system. Need an industrial fan for clean side forced draft air or dirty side induced draft air? We have a product to match your application. Check out our full list of commonly used dust collection fans.

Chemical Processing – Corrosive elements are brutal on the best of industrial fans. AirPro engineers and builds fans that can thrive in tough industrial chemical environments. We manufacture corrosive-resistant, tightly-sealed, long-lasting industrial fans and blowers to process corrosive and hazardous chemical airstreams. Here is a look at commonly used chemical processing fans.

Material Handling – sand, plastic pellets, sawdust, wood chips, grain, paper trim, pet food: all materials AirPro’s fans can be designed to handle. Need more power? Our abrasion-resistant fans can handle steel and other heavy materials. Take a look at some commonly used material handling fans.

Learn more about industrial fan applications that AirPro accommodates:

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All of AirPro’s products are designed utilizing the latest computer modeling software, manufactured in the USA by AWS qualified fabricators, and are AMCA 210 test-rated and balanced to ISO standards; and everything we hand to our customers undergoes rigorous inspection throughout the entire production process.

AirPro understands the value of delivering high-quality industrial blowers along with expert and dependable customer service – real people with real answers. We know you need a reliable, durable fan, delivered on time and on budget. That’s why with AirPro, you’ll receive the fastest online selection and pricing, personalized quotes, expedited lead times and overall quick and competent solutions.

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