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Things may be up in the air right now for almost everyone, but rest assured we are up and running and ready to serve our OEM customers and end users. Please know we are following all the state and federal guidelines to keep our employee family safe and secure and to flatten the curve as we continue to deliver the fans and blowers, parts and service you and/or your customers need to keep your operations running and supply chains intact. Some industries are ramping up fast to assist with the massive demand for certain products needed for healthcare and essential items. We can help with expedited delivery. We’re all in this together.

Industrial Fan Applications

Industrial fans and blowers start with the application. The industry, environment, surrounding process systems, and the job of the process blower or fan all contribute to the design. At AirPro, we provide our clients with solutions to fit any number of applications – from dust collection to material handling and virtually everything in between. Our process blowers can handle dirty airstreams, high temperatures, corrosive environments and more.

5 Common Industrial Fan Applications:

Clean Air Handling

Air handling process fans support your operations and the ambient air in the vicinity. Processes span from industrial system components to makeup air units and removing to refreshing. We design and build industrial centrifugal fans specifically for your clean air handling application. Learn More

Light Dust Loading

Light dust loading and fume extraction fans are part of the overall dust collection system for air quality improvement and safety. Process blowers move the air and materials through the system to capture, collect and convey the particles through various parts of the system. Learn More

Material Handling

Industrial centrifugal fans can process particles such as sand, plastic pellets, sawdust, wood chips, grain, paper trim, pet food, and countless others. AirPro innovates based on customer input and builds industrial material handling process fans with efficiency and durability. Learn More

Saturated Air Fans

Centrifugal exhaust process fans frequently process saturated air, meaning there is moisture from humidity or various gasses in the air. When we engineer custom fans, we start with an appropriate fan type and tweak the materials, finishes and other specifications. Learn More

High Temperature

Operations like heat treating, stress relieving, industrial furnaces and ovens use convection to circulate heated air within the chamber. These process airstreams require specially designed process blowers. Fans not properly designed for this purpose will catastrophically fail when used at temperatures above their design. Learn More

Customizing a Fan

Industrial centrifugal fans need to meet a specific set of design criteria. We recommend working with an AirPro fan selection expert to design the best fan for your application. You will be working with industry-leading fan engineers to create customizable solutions to match your project requirements and budgets.

Process Fan & Blower Applications Served

Don’t see your industrial fan application? Contact us here or call 1-715-365-3267 to speak with our experienced application engineers. We will gather your requirements and provide a custom fan designed to match your needs.