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Industrial Backward Inclined Fans for Dust Collection

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At AirPro, we’ve spent years being attentive to the needs of our customers, and we know that timing is sometimes of prime importance for their business needs and bottom line. Due to these considerations, we successfully created a complete line of dust collection fans which can be shipped in 12 days and are backed by our 3-year Gold Standard Warranty!


Quick Ship Backward Inclined Fans

Backward inclined blowers (or fans) are highly-efficient, with flat, simple blades that minimize airflow interference. Designed for clean air applications, these models move high volumes of clean air at lower static pressures and with high static efficiency. These features make them optimal for certain applications, dust collection primary among them.

BIQS Product Line Ships in 12 Days

AirPro’s off-the-shelf backward inclined fans use the BIQS (Backward Inclined Quick Ship) designation, which is a subset of our BIHS (Backward Inclined High-volume, Single-width) line. The BIQS line of fans with pre-set performance ranges specifically designed for dust collection ship in 12 days and, like all of our products, comes standard with the 3-Year Gold Standard Warranty. That means you get the same quality, optimized for your application, quickly and without incurring an expedite fee.

For those customers using our myAirPro fan selection and pricing tool, the process is easier than ever before. The BIQS Backward Inclined Fan presets populate automatically when you make your initial selection, simplifying your experience, increasing your confidence, and speeding up the order and fulfillment process.

BIQS Fan Performance & Design

In addition to the standard BIHS performance and design specs listed below, the BIQS Backward Inclined Fan has the following characteristics:

  • Arrangement 4v Top-Mounted Direct Drive Fan
  • Size Options: 122, 135, 150, 165, 182, 200, 222, 245, 270, 300, 330, 365
  • Horsepower Range: 1.5-125 HP


up to 50,000 cfm


up to 17”wg


up to 180°F

Static Efficiency:

up to 77%



At AirPro, our engineers apply decades of fan engineering experience to craft fan solutions. We build each backward inclined fan with unmatched quality and reliability, and we back that up with responsive, respectable service.

AirPro Quick Ship Fans

Common Applications

Dust Collection: In a dust collection applications, backward inclined fans and blowers typically provide induced draft air, sucking dust-laden air through a dust collector/baghouse. Learn More

Air Pollution Control: Backward inclined fans are key components to a wide range of air pollution control equipment. Learn More

Other Applications: Industrial fans & blowers are used in countless applications across many different industries. Learn More