Expedited Replacement – Glass Tempering Fan

Story: Who do you call when your process air fan fails and your production schedule is compromised? The following US glass manufacturer called AirPro after reaching out to 8 other fan manufacturers. Naturally, AirPro was the first to bid with a successful project completion (custom design, manufacturing, shipping, & installation) of only 9 days! Lesson: Don’t skimp on quality. The cheap equipment will inevitably cost you more in the long run.

Hear Michael (Plant Manager) & Tom (Maintenance Manager) share their AirPro experience here.

Product Description: BIHS 402, Class 4, 270º Discharge, CW Rotation, Arr 8, 150ºF max design temperature, 1785 RPM max speed design

Application: Glass Manufacturing – Tempering Air Fan

Features: 150 HP Premium Efficiency motor; Outlet flex connector; Custom outlet transition; Unitary base; Falk Steelflex T10 coupling drive; Vibration monitor; Field tech installation support


Failed Glass Tempering Fan

Before Replacement



Replacement glass tempering blower fan

After Replacement