Top Mount Fan (Arrangement 4V)

Product Description

The AirPro arrangement 4V centrifugal top mount fan allows the fan inlet flange to be mounted directly to the outlet flange on top of a dust collector, cyclone, bin vent, etc. The fan wheel is mounted directly on the motor shaft but, unlike other arrangements, the shaft and motor are in a vertical position.

The 4V arrangement saves space and money often spent on extra ducting. Additionally, as a result of the direct connection and lack of additional ducting, less static pressure is present in the system thereby increasing efficiency. Typical accessories are outlet dampers, silencers, weather guards, & bird screens.

Top Mount (Arrangement 4V) Performance & Design

  • Horsepower up to 125HP
  • Temperatures up to 180ºF

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Applications that use the AirPro top mount (Arrangement 4V) fan include:

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