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Radial Tipped Fans

Radial Tipped Fan: Your Fan for Clean or Dirty Air

The Radial Tipped Fan delivers high static efficiency (the ratio of fan static pressure to fan total pressure, multiplied by the fan total efficiency) while resisting material buildup on the wheel/impeller. A radial tipped blade design keeps dust and other particulates moving through the wheel to exit fan. It offers induced draft air for both clean and dirty air applications.

Product Description

Industrial Centrifugal Radial Tipped Fan Wheel

RTHS – AirPro’s heavy-duty, radial tip fan is designed to move high volumes of air at low to high pressure. It can handle both clean and dirty airstreams. The RTHS design offers the high efficiency of our backward inclined fans combined with the capability found in our self-cleaning radial fans to remove particulate and other pollutants.

Our centrifugal radial tipped fan often serves more custom applications in moving corrosive and saturated air. The fan airstream parts can include stainless steel construction along with other alloys for performance and aesthetics. Other custom features include epoxy coatings and special linings for durability, to protect the fan from corrosion and make the materials more resistant to fire, heat, particles and other elements.

The RTHS fan continues a track record of success in providing process air to many industries. Customers rely on their years of consistent and reliable service to keep their facilities running and production strong. Additionally, the self-cleaning blades help reduce maintenance requirements.

RTHS Performance & Design Specs

Common Applications

Corrosive Gases: Radial tipped fans remove fume exhaust for biomedical, pharmaceutical, and many other industries. Learn More

Scrubbers: Wet and dry scrubbers clean air and other gases, removing pollutants and particulate. RTHS fans and blowers play a key role in this process. Learn More

Other Applications: Our centrifugal fans operate in a wide variety of industrial and other air pollution control applications. Learn More

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