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Dust Loading & Fume Extraction Fans

The Essentials of Dust Loading Fans and Fume Extraction

Industrial processes use dust loading and fume extraction fans as part of the overall dust collection system for air quality improvement and safety. Regulated by the Environmental Protection Act (EPA) and the Occupational Safety & Health Administration, dust collection is essential in many industrial applications.

There is a good reason for the regulation. Without the ability to properly remove the particles from the air, chronic conditions, illness, symptoms and airborne chemicals can be hazardous to workers.

Dust loading fans move the air and contaminants through a system that captures, collects and conveys from a contaminant source all the way to the contaminant capture point.  The system can include hoods, air filtration, a collector such as a baghouse, traps, and of course ductwork.

How Dust Loading Fans Contribute to the Process

Dust loading and clean air fans are often used for similar applications. So why would you use choose a dust loading/fume extraction fan over a clean air fan? It all depends on where you plan to use the fan in your system and how efficient your system filters or screens contaminants from the air. For example, a cyclone does not remove dust and other contaminants from the air as efficiently as a baghouse filter. That means the cyclone fan may actually process contaminants in addition to air. Dust loading fans include wheel and blade designed to move these materials.

Fume Extraction Fan as a Component of Dust Loading

Many industrial applications additionally require the removal of airborne contaminants like fumes, smoke, and chemicals. They do this through Local exhaust ventilation (LEV) to move the contaminants and fumes from their source to a scrubber or point of emission from the facility. Fans are typically used to move these fumes, which contain contaminated materials.

Dust Loading Fans and Fume Extraction Fans

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