Good Things: New Smaller Backward Curved Fans for Improved Efficiencies

Line Extension Announcement: New Small Backward Curved Fans Enable Higher Pressure Without Increasing Flow

Forced draft combustion air applications that use backward curved fans to supply ambient air for industrial equipment like boilers, oxidizers, and burners will benefit from our newly-released smaller backward curved fan sizes. We now offer smaller diameter wheel sizes below the 20-inch diameter wheel on the BCLS and BCMS fans. If that’s all you need to know, we’re ready to talk.

What’s New?

Our Custom High Pressure Blower line extension announced earlier in 2021 was not the only innovation we’ve had in the works recently. Also focused on improved efficiencies, our new Smaller Backward Curved Fan sizes enable higher pressure without increased flow. The new sizes, including 150, 165, and 182, add unique selection points on the performance curve and increase efficiency with a fan size that’s a better fit for certain applications.

We developed the new Smaller Backward Curved Fan Sizes through prototyping with extensive testing in our lab to fill gaps in the volume-to-pressure ratio below 300:1. Thanks to the great results and retained efficiency at the smaller sizes, we are able to offer these premium options in applications where high pressure blowers were previously the only options.

Who Needs a Smaller Backward Curved Fan?

Our full Backward Curved Fan line with sizes up to 890-inch diameter serves larger industrial induced draft applications as well as various pollution control, odor control, process heating, and dilution air applications. Extending the lower range of the wheel sizes below the 20-inch diameter fan wheel enables us to serve forced draft combustion air applications like burners, oxidizers, and boilers with more precision and greater efficiency.

How to Get Started

As always, we recommend starting with our application engineers, your OEM, and/or your rep to design exactly what you need. Start by scheduling a meeting or contacting us. We’ll work through your specifications together and get you what you need.