Induced Draft Fans for Industrial Applications

Industrial induced draft fans operate by focusing the pressure and volume at the inlet of the fan to pull air through a system. Situated above the bundle, these fans create negative air pressure. They can work in concert with forced draft fans to maintain efficient and steady air pressure, and control the flow using VFDs, dampers, & other accessories.

The Upside of Induced Draft Fans

Though it depends on the nuances of your application, these fans typically operate at higher efficiencies relative to forced draft fans. Induced draft fans also have better process control and stability with reduced exposure to elements like wind, rain, and hail.

What to Watch for with Induced Draft Fans

Induced draft fans are often used in harsh conditions, handling process air that may include high temperatures, acidic airstreams, and other extreme exhaust gases. These conditions typically make your ID fan a critical component to your operations and the same conditions present risks to your fan’s health.

Imbalance, excessive vibration, and temperature are big items to watch. Harsh conditions present a higher threat to your fan’s balance, and an imbalanced fan with excessive vibration will eventually fail. Depending on the size of your fan and how critical it is to your operation, you may want to install vibration and temperature sensors to monitor your fan and trigger alarms and/or shut down the fan if improper vibration and temperature levels are reached.

Maintenance & operating costs – if harsh environments present higher threats to your fan’s health, then it’s probably safe to assume your maintenance and operating costs will be higher. Frequent vibration and temperature testing, fan cleaning, bearing lubrication, and higher power consumption are some of the factors you may want to consider when selecting your induced draft fan. For example, choosing a fan with high static efficiency may significantly lower your operating costs.

Fan Designs Commonly Used for Induced Draft Applications

AirPro builds heavy-duty and efficient fans for induced draft applications. Fans frequently used in these applications include:

Related Accessories

In addition to the various fan types used for induced draft applications, we also custom design important accessories like VFDs and others. These work in concert with the fan to control pressure and airflow.

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