Combustion Air

Industrial Combustion Air Blowers

Combustion air is required to burn fuels such as gas, oil, and wood in applications using boilers, furnaces, and ovens. Boilers, furnaces, and other such equipment utilize burners along with combustion air blowers to supply the stable and consistent air flow required to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of the entire combustion air system. AirPro Fan & Blower Company builds heavy-duty, high-efficiency, high-pressure combustion blowers for use in boilers, burners, and other combustion-air applications.

About the Combustion Air Blower

Fuel, oxygen, and an ignition source are the requirements for successful combustion. If just one of these three elements is removed, the combustion process stops. It is, therefore, imperative that all of the components in a combustion air system work in harmony. (Read this detailed technical article in the Industrial Heating Magazine – How to Maximize Burner Efficiency)

Combustion blowers are used in various industries for heating and drying purposes. They are also integral to a boiler’s burner system since they ensure sufficient airflow to the burners. The amount of airflow is regulated by variable frequency drives and/or inlet dampers. By using these components together as a unit, the boiler’s efficiency increases, which results in better system reliability and increased energy savings.

For failure, maintenance, and PM information, read the following write-up by Scott Meador, AirPro’s High Temperature Fan Specialist – Common Failures in High Temperature Fans.

Combustion Blower Packages

AirPro supplies complete packages for the combustion industry that include any or all of the following accessory items:

  • Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) — speed controller for the motor for higher efficiency operating points
  • Inlet Dampers — variable inlet vane (VIV) damper, inlet box damper, fresh air damper, butterfly damper
  • Outlet Dampers — opposed blade or parallel blade, butterfly damper
  • Damper controls packages — Pneumatic or Electric Actuators w/ Positioners 4-20 ma — fail open/closed or fail freeze (in place)
  • Mixing Boxes w/ FGR connections
  • Filter and/or Silencer Packages—cleaner air flow and quieter fan operation

AirPro can provide combustion air package configurations in a vertical or horizontal format based on system layout or space limitations.

Fan Models Commonly Used