Expedited Service

When you need urgent help with your industrial centrifugal fan and yesterday would not have been too soon, our Application Engineers are ready. Here’s how you can reach us to start your expedited service during business hours:

How We Help

We can expedite almost everything. Of course, we have standard lead times, but we work with our customers when they need faster service.

We provide expedited assistance with both fan parts and service, whether AirPro or other brands of industrial centrifugal fans. For customers using competitor fans, we rebuild critical fan parts like the wheel, shaft, and bearings. We will also send technicians to the field if necessary, to balance fans, repair them, test them, and confirm operational performance.

Expedited Service Example: Custom Fan Built and Shipped in Six Days

Sometimes, a quick ship date for a custom industrial fan is just not quick enough. We know how that goes.

In this example, we mobilized our team to fulfill a request for a custom material handling fan with a 150 horsepower motor on a unitary base with vibration isolation, and they needed it in DAYS, not weeks. Our team of engineers and fabricators took it on, and designed, built and loaded it on the truck in SIX (6) DAYS from start to finish! We don’t do that every day, but when our customers really need it, we will do all in our power to make it happen.

So the next time you need urgent repair or retrofit for an existing fan or a quick-ship industrial fan, AirPro is here to help!

We put together a video to document that extraordinary project.