Expedited Delivery

Far from Average Peace of Mind

We don’t make promises we don’t know we can keep. That’s why “expedited delivery” is not our standard, while on-time delivery is. But we can and do promise expedited delivery as well because sometimes our customers need it. Delivering a custom-engineered heavy-duty industrial fan in days rather than weeks has saved our customers days of downtime and reduced lost production costs by hundreds of thousands of dollars.

We provide expedited delivery of fans and fan parts as well as expedited service, repair, and retrofit for existing fans, whether AirPro or other brands of industrial centrifugal fans. Even if you’re using competitor fans, we can rebuild essential fan parts. We will also send technicians to the field when necessary, to balance fans, repair them, test them, and confirm operational performance.
It would be one thing if we were talking about off-the-shelf components. But our centrifugal fans are often large and custom pieces of equipment. No two applications are exactly alike, and that makes repair and retrofit a special challenge, especially when downtime can cost tens of thousands of dollars an hour. That’s when you really need to know who to call.

Choose Your Partners Carefully

Beyond the direct customer relationships. OEM suppliers need partners they can count on over the long run or in a pinch. When equipment fails (and we all know equipment fails sometimes) no one wants to waste time wondering who to call.

For example, we fulfilled a customer request for a custom material handling fan with a 150 horsepower motor on a unitary base with vibration isolation. Our team of engineers and fabricators took it on, and designed, built and loaded it on the truck in SIX (6) DAYS! We don’t do that every day, but when our customers really need it, we will do all in our power to make it happen.

We put together a video to document that extraordinary project.

More Ways We’re Different

From the initial quote through expedited service, there are a number of ways we stand out in our industry, all wrapped around one thing: our customers. We’ve adapted our process to enable:


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