Combined Heat & Power

Booster Blower

In this combined heat and power installation example, we designed and delivered a booster blower for a bioenergy organic waste facility.

Combined heat and power, or CHP, is a process used to convert a single fuel into both power and heat at the point of use. Bioenergy applications use booster blowers to raise the pressure to the operating level of the CHP plant.

The custom backward-curved blower used a VFD for speed control, a stainless steel airstream and thermal insulation. It also included insulated inlet and outlet flex connectors and insulated outlet transition to withstand high temperatures and high airflow.

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Performance: 11,000 cfm airflow @ 20” wg static pressure @ 0.028 lb/ft^3 inlet air density
Product Type
BCLS (backward curved)
300 (30” diameter wheel)
8 (direct-coupled drive)
50 HP
Max Design Temperature
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