Radial Fans for Material Handling

Radial Fans and Paddle Wheel Fans for Industrial Applications

Centrifugal Radial Fans are a staple in industrial material handling applications. With the right specifications, they can handle all manner of material from small, light particles to larger, heavier materials. Whether for safety, comfort, operating efficiency, maintenance, or all of the above, these fans have an important role to play in many industrial applications.

Within this fan family, we offer two primary types – Open Radial and Shrouded Radial.

Product Description: Open Radial

The AirPro material-handling Open Radial Fans move not only air but also material at medium-to-high static pressures. With its rugged design, this heavy-duty industrial exhaust fans are able to move heavy, sticky, and abrasive materials through the airstream without compromising the integrity of the wheel.

  • IEPW – An open, radial blade design
  • IEFB – Utilizes the same design as the IEPW, but also includes a backplate. The IEFB is provided with arrangement 4, direct-drive fans in order to protect the motor from material entering the fan airstream.
  • IETW – starts with radial blades and includes a backplate. Gussets are added for additional support and strength. This design is used to convey and exhaust edge trim, such as paper, cardboard, and various metals.
  • IETX – extra heavy duty of the IETW model also used for trim removal

Open Radial Performance & Design Specs

Product Description: Radial Shrouded Material Handling Fans

  • IERS – The Shrouded Radial Fans include radial blades with a shrouded wheel to increase efficiency. Extra support stiffeners are added for a robust material handling design.


IERS Fan Performance & Design

Common Applications

Abrasive Airstream: The already robust construction combined with abrasive resistant materials make these fans essential to systems moving abrasive materials. Learn More

Odor Control: Radial fans are used with other air pollution control equipment to remove odors. These fans are customized for different industries – wastewater & sewage treatment, paper mills, recycling plants, and many more. Learn More

Other Applications: You may not need to move abrasives or eliminate odors in your application. That’s okay, our radial fans are used in more applications than we can list on this page. You can learn more about other applications or talk with our engineers about a customized solution. Learn More


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