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material handling fans

Material Handling Fans

Pneumatic Material Handling Equipment: Fans & Blowers

Industrial centrifugal force material handling fans can handle particles such as sand, plastic pellets, sawdust, wood chips, grain, paper trim, pet food, and countless others. Small, light materials require average industrial fan materials, while larger, heavier materials may require heavier-duty, abrasion-resistant industrial fan construction.

AirPro has been innovating based on customer input and building industrial material handling fans for years with increasing efficiency and durability.

What is Pneumatic Material Handling Equipment

Pneumatic material handling equipment operates using air under pressure. Industries like pharmaceutical, food processing, agricultural, chemical and cement produce or involve granular materials. The materials can be fine like sand, a bit more substantial like pellets or chips, or even up to lumps like coal. The pneumatic material handling equipment moves the material through the system using a feeder, fans and blowers, ducts and filtration units. Material handling blowers may allow our customers to use less expensive systems, as materials do not require screening before moving through the blower.

The materials that move through the Pneumatic equipment are often abrasive, and sometimes combustible or explosive (for example, paper, wood dust or flour). As a result, selecting the optimal construction materials is critical. Further, the density of the materials will help determine the remaining fan or blower characteristics, including blades, drives, features, and accessories.

Centrifugal Fan Options for Pneumatic Material Handling Equipment

Radial Fans

Radial Fans, including the Paddle Wheel, are a staple in industrial material handling applications. With the right specifications, they can handle all manner of material from small, light particles to larger, heavier materials. These Radial Fans have an important role to play, whether for safety, comfort, operating efficiency, maintenance or all of the above.

High Pressure

High-Pressure Fans and Blowers are heavy-duty and high-quality for high static pressure applications. They primarily move clean air, but they also have the capability to move some material-laden air. Learn More