High Temperature Plug Fan

Plug Fan for High Temperature Applications

When the fan must mount to an enclosure to circulate air in a clean, contaminated, or high temperature environment, you need what is most commonly known as a plug fan.

This is actually an Arrangement 2 Fan. Centrifugal fan arrangements are industry standards defining how the motor mounts to and drives the fan. Fan arrangements comply with Air Movement and Control Association (AMCA) standards, which provide the operating capabilities, drive configurations and placement of the bearings. Fans run using either a Belt-Drive motor or a Direct-Drive motor. Both are options for the Plug Fan.

Generally designed to move high volumes of air at low static pressures, this high temperature fan allows for several wheel designs and with various materials (like aluminum and stainless steel) that are appropriate for the specific operating temperature.

Why Worry About High Temperature

Industrial operations frequently rely on high-temperature processes. Process airstreams often require specially designed centrifugal fans that can handle extremely high temperatures. Fans and blowers not properly designed for this purpose will catastrophically fail when used at temperatures above their design. The Arrangement 2 Plug Fan can take the heat.

The AirPro high temperature plug fan serves a wide range of industrial furnaces, industrial ovens, and other heat-processing equipment.

Product Description: High Temperature Plug Fan

Utilizing a forward curved impeller, backward inclined impeller, or paddle wheel, a high temperature Plug Fan requires no ductwork, as the wheel inserts directly into the enclosure. The motor, bearings, and drive parts are positioned outside of the airstream.


  • V-belt drive
  • Direct drive
  • With/without housing
  • With/without inlet cone

High Temperature Plug Fan Performance & Design

  • Temperatures up to 1700°F
  • High air volumes, low static pressure
  • Forward-curved, backward-inclined, and paddle-wheel designs

Other High Temperature Fans include the Radial Paddle Wheel and the Forward Curved Fan.

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