high temperature fans

High Temperature Fans

You Can Take the Heat with High Temperature Fans

Many industrial processes rely on high-temperature process heat. High temperature operations like heat treating, stress relieving, industrial furnaces and ovens use convection to circulate heated air within the chamber. These process airstreams require specially designed centrifugal high temperature fans that can handle extremely high heat.

Fans and blowers not properly designed for this purpose will catastrophically fail when used at temperatures above their design. According to AirPro High Temperature Fan Specialist Scott Meador, “Regardless of the operating temperature, every industrial fan is subject to fatigue and, therefore, has a finite life. A fan failure can result in damages that are far in excess of the cost of the actual fan. Understanding the limitations of the fan, operating within the fan’s design limits and following a preventive maintenance plan are the best insurance against a catastrophic failure.” Read the complete article in the March 2017 edition of Process Heating Magazine.

Centrifugal Fan Options for High Temperature Fan Applications

Forward Curved Fan

Generally designed to move high volumes of air at low static pressures, this high temperature fan can use several wheel designs and with various materials that are appropriate for the specific operating temperature. Learn More

Paddle Wheel

The radial Paddle Wheel Fan moves not only air but also material at medium-to-high static pressures. This heavy-duty centrifugal fan is able to move heavy, sticky, and abrasive materials through the airstream without compromising the integrity of the wheel. Learn More

Backward Inclined Fan

The backward inclined fan minimizes interference with the airflow. It offers lower sound levels and energy costs and includes a non-overloading horsepower design for low-pressure applications. Learn More

Plug Fan

Also known as an Arrangement 2 Fan, the Plug Fan generally moves high volumes of air at low static pressures. It allows for several wheel designs and various materials (like aluminum and stainless steel) that are appropriate for the specific operating temperature. Learn More