High Pressure Radial Open

HPRL / HPRM Product Description

The AirPro high pressure radial open industrial blower (HPRL) is designed for low-to-medium air volumes at high static pressures. With its surgeless design, this high pressure fan provides consistent performance through variable air flow at or near a constant pressure.

AirPro radial open centrifugal blowers are available with two different wheel types. The most appropriate wheel design is based on the volume and pressure combination of the air, along with the desired operating efficiency of the high pressure blower.

  • HPRL – A high pressure centrifugal blower designed with an open radial wheel. Engineered for low air volumes at high static pressures. The open radial wheel does involve decreased operating efficiency when compared to the shrouded wheel but covers a wider range of air volume and pressure combinations.
  • HPRM – A high pressure blower similar to the HPRL but with a wider wheel design. The increased wheel width increases the air volume capacity.

AirPro’s heavy-duty, high pressure industrial blower fans are constructed of continuously welded material, which provides a higher quality product compared to riveted construction. These high pressure fans are primarily used to move clean air, but they also have the capability to move some material-laden air.

HPRL / HPRM Performance & Design

  • Static pressures up to 140”wg
  • Temperatures up to 1200°F
  • High static efficiency up to 70%
  • Open radial wheel design
  • Surgeless design for smooth operation to shutdown
  • Round inlet and outlet for pipe connections

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