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High Pressure Blowers

When dealing with high static pressure, it is a safe bet to use High-Pressure Blowers (you will find the term used interchangeably with High-Pressure Fans). They primarily move clean air, but they also have the capability to move some material-laden air.

Our High-Pressure Blower designs are considered heavy-duty, high quality, durable equipment. AirPro constructs them using fully welded material, which provides a higher quality product compared to riveted construction.

The combination of air volume and static pressure is an essential consideration when purchasing a high-pressure fan. However, there is one small difference between the models – the wheel design

Types of High-Pressure Blowers

The two main options are the High-Pressure Radial Open (HPRL/HPRM), or High-Pressure Radial Shrouded (HPSL/HPSM).

Both versions of the High-Pressure Blower – the Radial Open and the Radial Shrouded – handle low-to-medium air volumes at high static pressures. With its surgeless design, this high-pressure fan provides consistent performance through variable airflow at or near-constant pressure.

In addition, both versions are available with two different wheel types. The most appropriate wheel design is based on the volume and pressure combination of the air, along with the desired operating efficiency of the high-pressure blower.

High Pressure Fan Performance & Design Specs

Product Description: Radial Open High-Pressure Blower: HPRL / HPRM

HPRL – A high-pressure centrifugal blower designed with an open radial wheel. Engineered for low air volumes at high static pressures. The open radial wheel does involve decreased operating efficiency when compared to the shrouded wheel but covers a wider range of air volume and pressure combinations.

HPRM – An open radial wheel high-pressure blower similar to the HPRL but with wider wheel design. The increased wheel width increases the air volume capacity, which increases the efficiency of the high-pressure blowers.

Product Description: Radial Shrouded High-Pressure Blower: HPSL / HPSM

HPSL – A high-pressure centrifugal blower featuring a shrouded wheel design. This wheel type is designed to move low volumes of air at high static pressures with high operating efficiencies.

HPSM – A high-pressure industrial blower also featuring the shrouded wheel design. With increased wheel width, this model is designed for low-to-medium air volumes at high pressures.

Common Applications for High-Pressure Fans and Blowers

Combustion Air: High-pressure fans move air to combust/burn fuels for different applications, including boilers, furnaces, and ovens. Learn More

Pneumatic Conveying: Fans are used to convey anything from cereal to wood chips. Our high-pressure blowers play a role in this process. Learn More

Selective Catalytic Reduction: Some of our high-pressure models are used for SCR and often include custom features. Learn More

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