Fan Vibration Isolators

Incorporating Rubber Isolators or Spring Isolators into Application Design

High fan vibration levels can cause a lot of damage to a centrifugal fan, potentially shortening fan life and even causing catastrophic failure. The best case scenario is where there is a proper foundation for fan mounting. In cases where the optimal foundation is not available, we use vibration isolators to protect the fan.

When You Need Fan Vibration Isolators

Many applications don’t have enough space for such a foundation and many others install the fan within steel mezzanine structures. In such cases, you must isolate them from the surrounding environment.

Structural Support

Steel mezzanine structures are common in industrial applications. They create the need for rubber isolators or spring isolators to accommodate vibration for two reasons. First, the installation is well above ground and sometimes temporary, which does not permit the preferred concrete foundation. Second, because steel structures have their own vibration frequencies, they can affect fan vibration levels, which can lead to disastrous results. In these cases, the application requires vibration isolators to protect the fan from the vibrations around it.

Space Constraints

Whether you need to fit a fan into an existing application or configure it into a new application in which space is too constrained for the full proper foundation, the fan is in closer proximity with the equipment around it, requiring vibration isolators.

Rubber Isolators and Spring Isolators

We use two primary vibration isolation devices, connected to the fan and structure using flexible connectors and steel flanges:

  1. Rubber Isolators (rubber-in-shear isolators)
  2. Housed Spring Isolators

Both rubber isolators & spring Isolators mount between the fan and the foundation structure. Smaller, lighter fans use rubber isolators, while the Spring Isolators are typically reserved for larger and heavier fans. Both options are relatively inexpensive. The exact specifications depend on the fan’s design.

AirPro application engineers can help you determine all of the above to specify or design the right fan and the right vibration isolators. Contact us to start that conversation.

Other Useful Information

Senior Application Engineer Fred Besasie takes less than a minute to talk about fan vibration isolation in this one-minute video.