CE Certified Industrial Fans with ATEX Rating

Documenting Health, Safety & Environmental Quality

Our specifications meet or beat European health, safety, and environmental protection standards. As a result, we have documented our specifications to offer CE Certified industrial fans. We are proud to demonstrate our steadfast commitment to lead the way with Industrial air moving technology that serves process air needs throughout the world.

What it Means to be CE Certified Industrial Fans

CE stands for Conformité Européenne or European Conformity, and certification indicates conformity with health, safety and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area, which includes the 28 member states of the European Union (EU) plus Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, and Turkey.

Thanks to the team’s rigorous effort to confirm existing compliance and meet all process requirements, our CE Certified industrial fans now bear the CE Certified Mark and serve the European market. Whether it’s table-stakes in the procurement process or a critical component to serving the global marketplace, our customers and manufacturing partners know the value of being CE Certified.

The Significance of Being ATEX Rated

Together with the CE Certified industrial fans, we have also confirmed our ATEX Rating, consisting of two EU directives describing work rules for environments with an explosive atmosphere (derived from the French Atmosphéres Explosibles). ATEX zones for dust are areas in which an explosive mixture is continuously present or present for long periods, or where an explosive mixture is likely to occur in normal operation. We can manufacture our industrial fans to ATEX Category 2G (Zone1-gas), or 2D (Zone 21-dust), and Category 3G (Zone 2-gas) or 3D (Zone 22-Dust).

Other Quality Standards and Ratings

In addition to confirming that our specifications meet or beat these European standards, AirPro engineers are continually applying CFD and FEA modeling along with actual performance testing to achieve our goals of continuous product development and the improvement of existing products. Our QA program and QC procedures ensure continuous process improvements throughout the organization.

Now that AirPro is CE Certified, What’s Next?

Now is the fun part. We are proud to add AirPro as an option for European customers, but that’s just the beginning. For other Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), our CE Certified and ATEX Rated fans mean that global manufacturers who serve (or wish to serve) Europe also have a new option for component fans and blowers.

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