Backward Inclined Fan

BIHS Product Description

The AirPro backward inclined fan (BIHS) is used for clean-air applications to move high volumes of air at a variety of static pressures, such as in dust-collection systems. The AirPro BIHS centrifugal fan is offered in belt-driven, direct-driven, and direct-coupled arrangements along with various impeller and housing widths.

As a highly efficient model, the AirPro BIHS industrial fans offer lower sound levels and energy costs than many other fan types. The fan impeller has been designed with a focus on high operating efficiency without compromising high mechanical strength in its specific blade angles and various streamlined profiles. Whether standard or custom, each AirPro BIHS fan is designed and built with unmatched quality and backed by responsive, respectable service. At AirPro, our engineers have decades of combined experience in the industry, giving us the ability to design and manufacture a wide range of fans to meet or fit many needs and applications.

BIHS Fan Performance & Design

  • Air volumes up to 350,000cfm (higher volumes available with custom design)
  • Static pressures up to 25”wg (higher pressures available with custom design)
  • Temperatures up to 1000°F
  • High static efficiency up to 78%
  • Non-overloading power curve
  • Single Width, Single Inlet (SWSI) and Double Width, Double Inlet (DWDI)

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Common Applications for Backward Inclined Fans

Backward Inclined Fans for Baghouse and Dust Collection Applications

A wide range of industries from cement to the pharmaceutical industry depend on dust collectors to help them operate safely and within government regulations. AirPro can customize an industrial fan to power your dust collector or baghouse.

AirPro offers customized backward inclined fans that work with your dust collector to meet your air filtration requirements. Dust collection is critical in a number of industrial applications including fume control in welding operations, fiber collection from grain and agricultural products, biomass power production, sawmill dust collection and is critical in fracking operations for oil and natural gas to abate silica dust. Dust collection also plays a critical role in almost all mining operations, including coal and iron ore mining, and is also required for many industrial drying applications. Air purification systems help companies meet OSHA air regulations and EPA regulations while keeping your facility clean. Dust collectors and baghouses are critical to your company’s operation, and need to be powered by a quality, durable industrial fan. AirPro offers high quality fans that can be relied on to keep your operation running.

Dust collectors are designed to cover a large filtration area to minimize airflow resistance, and typically require flow ranges from 3,000 CFM to 60,000 CFM, in some cases can require fans up to 120,000 CFM with static pressure requirements of 6-16 inches. Based on these technical requirements, backward inclined fans are the right choice for the application at a reasonable cost.

Process air is a critical element of every dust collection system, and AirPro is experienced in providing high quality and reliable industrial blowers for these systems. The industrial fans used in baghouses and dust collectors provide clean side induced draft or clean side forced draft air using backward inclined fans. AirPro engineers and builds pre-engineered and custom designed industrial fans to fit any dust collection system.

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Backward Inclined Fans for Incinerator Applications

Incineration disposes of waste gases and other materials using combustion or thermal oxidation and requires specialized fans to handle the challenges of the application.

Many industrial processes require waste treatment through incineration, otherwise known as thermal treatment. Recycling plants often incinerate material that cannot be recycled. Many other industrial processes require waste gas incineration to help you meet EPA environmental regulations and meet emission requirements.

Incineration of medical waste is another critical process to help protect public safety and the spread of disease as well as to comply with government regulations. These incinerator processes are critical the operation of many industrial applications, and it is critical to select high quality, reliable fans to keep your operation running.

The industrial fans used on incinerators require robust materials and high efficiency, and AirPro builds heavy-duty, high-temp, high-efficiency industrial fans & blowers for incinerators. Customers return to AirPro for their waste incineration applications again and again.

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Backward Inclined Fans for Cooling Applications

Cooling systems remove heat through a combination of cooling water and air. Centrifugal fans, used to draw the air through the systems, are called dilution air fans. This combination of water and airflow requires specific materials of construction and other considerations.

Power plants use cooling systems, sometimes called cooling towers, and high quality tempering air fans are critical to the operation of many power plants. Large fans are often required, and AirPro has the ability to design fans large enough to meet the high flow requirements of many cooling applications.

Because water is present, these industrial fans are typically built with stainless steel materials to avoid corrosion. AirPro builds high-efficiency, corrosion-resistant industrial fans and blowers for cooling processes. Silencers & other accessories are available to decrease noise levels and increase efficiency of the systems.

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Backward Inclined Fans for Glass Float and Tempering

Glass tempering is a very temperature sensitive process, and if done incorrectly, the resulting glass will not meet the producers’ specifications. Delivering the right temperature air at the right flow rate is critical to this operation.

Tempering glass increases the toughness of the material by heating it above its upper critical temperature or annealing point. It is then rapidly cooled using immersion or forced air draft. The industrial forced draft fans (FD Fans) used in tempering glass typically require high volume and horsepower. AirPro builds pre-engineered and custom engineered industrial fans & blowers that are highly-efficient, high-temperature, and high-integrity.

Glass float is another application in the glass industry where backward inclined fans are commonly utilized.

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