backward curved fan

Backward Curved Fans

Industrial Strength Backward Curved Fans for High Efficiency

Backward curved fans offer strong performance capabilities with minimal energy costs, making them high value components to many centrifugal fan and blower applications. The backward curved blade profile empowers these fans to move high volumes of air at high static pressures with high static efficiencies. While used in mostly clean air applications, backward curved fans can also handle light dust and particulate.

Backward Curved Product Description

AirPro’s backward curved technology is our most efficient offering and includes (3) fan models and a newly-expanded range of sizes from 150-890. The model variations provide solutions for high, medium, and low air volume applications.

Backward Curved Fan Wheel

BCHS – this model provides the highest air volume out of the backward curved options. It’s primarily used for induced draft applications, though it offers a great forced draft solution as well.

BCMS – designed for medium levels of air volume levels, our BCMS boasts static efficiencies above 80% for both induced and forced draft air requirements.

BCLS – with a narrow wheel and housing, the BCLS moves lower air volumes at higher static pressures. It’s most commonly used with induced draft applications requiring combustion air.

The best model for your application depends on the air volume and static pressure your system requires. Our team of application engineers can review your system requirements and select the best option for you.

We build all three backward curved fan models with heavy industrial strength and robust construction. Our customers depend on these fans to keep them in operation. We understand that reliability is critical, and that reality drives our engineering and manufacturing standards.

Backward Curved Fan Performance & Design

Whether standard or custom, AirPro designs and builds our industrial fans with unmatched quality and backed by responsive, respectable service.

Applications Using the Industrial Strength Backward Curved Fan

Induced Draft: Used by many different industries, backward curved fans pull air through larger systems and often include custom design features. Learn More

Pollution Control: Backward curved models are known for their efficient and reliable service with different air pollution control applications. These include oxidizers, dust collectors, scrubbers, and more. Learn More

Combustion Air: Small, heavy-duty, high-efficiency fans are customized for combustion applications like boilers, burners, and others. Learn More

Other Applications: Odor Control, Process Heating, and Dilution Air are a few more applications served by backward curved technology. Learn More


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