Backward Curved Fan

BCHS Product Description

The AirPro backward curved centrifugal fan (BCHS) is designed to handle high air volumes at high static pressures. Used to move mostly clean air, our BCHS industrial fan can be used as a forced draft or induced draft fan for a wide range of industrial applications.

Whether standard or custom, AirPro BCHS industrial fans are designed and built with unmatched quality and backed by responsive, respectable service.

BCHS Fan Performance & Design

  • Air volumes up to 300,000cfm
  • Static pressures up to 40”wg
  • Temperatures up to 1000°F
  • High static efficiency up to 78%
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Non-overloading power curve
  • Single Width, Single Inlet (SWSI) and Double Width, Double Inlet (DWDI)

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