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clean air industrial fans

Clean Air Handling Fans

Selecting a Clean Air Handling Fan

When your industrial application calls for a centrifugal clean air handling fan, there are several choices at your disposal. That’s because we have designed different models to increase efficiency and performance for a wide range of applications.

“Clean air” means that the fan should only move air without dust and other materials. Some of our clean air models, such as the Backward Inclined, would have balance problems if material moved through the fan. The same wheel design that increases efficiency also allows for material buildup, which causes the imbalance.

We design and build centrifugal fans specifically for your industrial air handling application. Of course, we also design and build for other situations, including light dust, material handling, saturated air, and high temperature.

Centrifugal Fan Options for Air Handling

Backward Curved Fan

Backward curved fans offer strong performance capabilities with minimal energy costs, making them a candidate for many industrial applications that involve fans and blowers to move clean air. Learn More

Backward Inclined Fan

The backward inclined fan minimizes interference with the airflow. It offers lower sound levels and energy costs and includes a non-overloading horsepower design for low-pressure applications. Learn More

Radial Tip Fan

The Radial Tipped Fan delivers high static efficiency while resisting material buildup on the wheel/impeller. It offers induced draft air for both clean and dirty air applications. Learn More

Industrial Exhaust Fans

Industrial Exhaust Fans and Blowers are often components of heavy industrial equipment used to provide ventilation, replacing the exhaust air with fresh air. Many other applications depend on this fan type for forced and induced draft air. Learn More

High Pressure

High Pressure Fans and Blowers are heavy-duty and high-quality for high static pressure applications. They primarily move clean air, but they also have the capability to move some material-laden air. Learn More