Sometimes, a quick ship date for a custom industrial fan is just not quick enough. We know how that goes…

Earlier this month, a customer requested a custom material handling fan with a 150 horsepower motor mounted on a unitary base and complete with spring vibration isolators.

Only kicker is they needed the fan in days rather than weeks.

So, we mobilized our team of engineers and fabricators! From start-to-finish, the custom fan was completely designed, built, and loaded on the truck in (6) business days!

So the next time you need a quick-ship industrial fan, AirPro is here to help!

Nehemiah White is the Marketing Coordinator for AirPro. He loves to roam the manufacturing floor capturing pictures of some of the best, biggest, & most exotic fans AirPro builds. When not at AirPro, Nehemiah enjoys a quiet coffee date with his wife and a day at the park with his three children.