Thomas (Glass Manufacturing)

I am more than satisfied with our decision to utilize AirPro in this emergency situation, and are convinced we would select AirPro in the future and recommend them for this type of scenario to anyone. You were responsive, attentive to detail, cooperative, knowledgeable and more than understood our sense of urgency. You exceeded your goal as you stated you should, and have met all of our needs. In 17 years of dealing with suppliers, no set of conditions has [ever] produced this positive of an execution.

Dennis (Air Filtration)

AirPro’s quality construction and industrial strength products are remarkable. Not only the fans but inlet boxes and accessories are designed and built to the highest standards and are worry free. AirPro also consistently meets their delivery commitments, which is refreshing. I’ve never been disappointed with the quality and service provided by AirPro.

Katie (Bulk Material Handling)

From the very first contact with AirPro, I was struck with how capable and responsive your company was.  As the project unfolded, everyone I worked with did a great job, following up on exactly what they said that they were going to do.

Delaware Material Handling System OEM

They all gathered around to inspect the new arrival from AirPro. Their jaws dropped. Highest quality they have seen.

Mike (Food Processing Equipment)

…the company of engineers at AirPro listen to our specifications and then develop and provide a blower that stands up to the test of time. Our job specifications change by size and number of units all the time. We can always count on AirPro Fan and Blower to help us in providing a great product to our customer.

Steve (Dust Collection)

I have worked with the AirPro team on industrial air filtration projects for multiple years. The team is always prompt in handling my quotation/drawing requests as well as after sale assistance whenever I need it. Lead times have always been met and the quality of the AirPro fans provided is second to none. Keep up the great work and sincerely, thank you!

Dave (Dust Collection)

Please tell all the guys in the shop, ‘Great job in getting this fan out in 2 weeks.’ That beats any delivery I have ever seen on a custom piece of equipment. This is my 33rd year in the business, and I have not seen anything shipped this quick.

Oliver (Combustion Air)

(We) just finished upgrading a batting oven using the fan we bought last year and were able to boost efficiency by 15%, production increased 12%, and oven heating time was cut by 50%.

Ed (Air Conveying Equipment)

We appreciate AirPro’s commitment in getting these fans completed in very short notice. This is only one reason why we continue to do business with AirPro in order to satisfy our customers’ systems requirements.