SPECIAL ALERT: We Are An Essential Business

Industrial fans are essential in the manufacturing of critical supplies, including PPE, medical equipment and food processing. Following all state and federal guidelines to keep our employee family safe, we continue to deliver the fans and blowers, parts and service needed to keep operations running and supply chains intact. We’ve already expedited delivery of fans to enable urgent expansion of face mask production. Contact us for help with expedited delivery and/or service of the industrial centrifugal fans and blowers that support YOUR essential business.

Supply And Exhaust Fans for Oxidizers

As supply and exhaust fans for oxidizers, these fans are rated for a temperature of 1300ºF. The fan housings are insulated and include a double-walled design.

Product Type
IEPW (paddle wheel)
296 (29.6” diameter wheel)
8 (direct coupled drive)
40 HP
Max Design Temperature