Pulp & Paper Mill

Custom Replacement Blower

We reverse-engineered an existing blower for a drop-in replacement at a pulp and paper mill. Custom-designed entirely with stainless steel, the high-pressure replacement blower includes a flanged and drilled outlet to match the existing connection points and a studded inlet to reuse the customer’s inlet transition. It also has a severe-duty motor.

Stainless steel and the severe-duty motor enable the blower to resist corrosion, wear, and contamination in the harsh conditions. This pulp and paper blower played a key role in our customer’s proprietary process, and so our team meticulously matched specifications and delivered a new blower without disrupting our customer’s existing operations.

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pulp and paper mill
Performance: Matched existing design to provide customer’s original performance
Product Type
HPSLX (custom high pressure)
297 (29.7” diameter impeller)
4 (direct drive)
7.5 HP
Max Design Temperature
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