Spark Resistant Construction

Spark Resistant Construction (SRC) is used when industrial fans are used in explosive or potentially explosive environments. Spark Resistant Construction is an AMCA requirement when dust, fibers, gases, vapors, or liquids could cause an explosion in the case of any kind of spark.

Depending on the Class, Group, and Division of the explosive environment certain levels of spark resistant construction are required by AMCA standards.

  • Level A requires that all material in contact with the air stream be constructed out of non-ferrous materials. Aluminum is the typical material used. Specialty materials such as MonelĀ® and InconelĀ® are also appropriate spark resistant materials.
  • Level B requires only a wheel and a rubbing plate constructed out of non-ferrous materials. Aluminum is typically used though other materials eligible under Level A can be substituted.
  • Level C requires non-ferrous rubbing plates on either side of the wheel inside the fan housing. These plates are typically made from aluminum.

AirPro designs spark resistant industrial fans & blowers for all special explosion-proof requirements. AirPro also ensures the motors follow the same explosion-proof guidelines when necessary. Spark Resistant Construction is also available for necessary accessories.

Fan Designs Used for Spark Resistant Fans