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Hemp Dryer

Induced Draft Fan

In this installation example, we designed and delivered a high-efficiency induced draft fan for a hemp dryer system. The system uses the fan to pull air and particles through, controlling flow using an inlet damper.

Hemp dryers operate at low temperatures, keeping the hemp at a safe distance from the burner flame and cooled by forced ambient air from the inlet of the combustion chamber. The induced draft fan at the outlet creates negative pressure to pull the hemp biomass through the dryer in this continuous process.

The custom backward-curved induced draft fan used in this installation featured heavy-duty construction, an inlet vane damper, and a 250 hp motor.

For more information, read about backward-curved and induced draft fans or contact us.

Performance: 40,000+ cfm airflow @ 21” wg static pressure @ 0.051 lb/ft^3 inlet air density
Product Type
BCHS (backward curved)
Size: 402 (40.2” diameter wheel)
1 (belt drive)
250 HP
Max Design Temperature