Fan Selection & Pricing Tool

myAirPro centrifugal fan selection tool is available 24/7

AirPro has streamlined the process of centrifugal fan selection. (Read our technical article)

AirPro’s free online tool, myAirPro, is available 24/7. myAirPro not only lets you specify a fan or blower but it also delivers standard engineered fan pricing – immediately.

myAirPro is available on your mobile device. Utilize myAirPro on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device through your phone’s browser. In the field or in the office, myAirPro is available to meet your immediate fan selection needs.

No more waiting for callbacks. No more missed deadlines. You get the information you need, when you need it.

With myAirPro, you can be confident in your centrifugal fan selection or exhaust fan selection because you can:

  • Enter performance requirements
  • Auto calculate fan inlet air density
  • Auto compensate the fan inlet air density for negative inlet pressure or compression
  • Determine energy (BHP/kW) required for cold starting
  • View sketches that assist in selecting fan arrangement, rotation, and discharge positions
  • Sort centrifugal fan selection options by the criteria that are most important to you, such as outlet velocity, static efficiency, or noise level
  • Obtain technical information
  • View dimensional drawings, performance curves, and sound data
  • Get an industrial fan price, including accessory options
  • Save your projects to your own files using your unique User ID and Password

Interested in learning more about our premier online fan selection tool?  We offer free webinar training on the use of myAirPro. Sign up to learn more or give us a call and we will get you started right away with the industry’s most complete and efficient fan selection tool!

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