Fan Installation Startup Assistance

Fan Installation Startup Assistance

We ship your industrial centrifugal fans and blowers ready to go, quality assured, and tested. But many things can happen between the time the fan leaves our control and the time you install and operate it. The shipping process holds risks of damage or misalignment. The fan may sit in storage at your facility. The environment and/or system surrounding the fan installation could have changed as well.

The Installation & Operations Manual (IOM) should always your first stop, but when you need more help or just want to be sure, we’ve got your back.

A Helping Hand for Your Industrial Fan Installation

If you want to be certain that your fan installation is safe, smooth, and successful, you can call in reinforcements from AirPro. We’ll come to you to check the fan for installation-readiness, supervise the process, and perform any needed tests to ensure that all goes well. Items on our fan installation startup assistance list include:

Storage Prior to Installation

Often, the components of your operating system, including fans and blowers, arrive early in the process. You can’t install them all at once, so you may have to store your fan until it’s time to put it in. When your fan is in line for installation, you will need to be sure to store it properly, including coverage, protection, isolation, tension release, wheel rotation, and grease replacement. Check our blog for details on Proper Fan Storage.


The best material for a foundation is concrete (slab mount), usually built to the base weight and dimensions specified in the manufacturer’s IOM. In general, the guidelines are for the base to extend six inches beyond the steel structure, with a mass that is 3-5 times the mass of the fan. Learn more about Fan Foundations in our blog.


Fan testing for wheel balance is essential to avoid catastrophic failures in the field. So we take the testing process very seriously. All of our fans leave our plant tested and fully balanced, but as mentioned above, anything can happen on the road. Ensuring balance at installation is critical. Learn more about balance.


Testing for fan vibration is another important step that happens before shipment, but should also happen onsite at installation. When the fan vibration is high, vibration levels can shorten fan life and even cause catastrophic failure. Fan installation setup is a key factor to protect the fan from excessive vibration. More on fan vibration.

Contact us to ask about fan installation startup assistance.