Fan & Blower Accessories

Giving you greater flexibility and control

When you purchase a new fan or blower from AirPro, get the most from your investment by adding industrial fan & blower accessories that will give you even greater air control and flexibility. Ordering integral accessories from AirPro can save you valuable time and money on your project.

The following are examples of some of the accessories that AirPro supplies:

  • Dampers
  • Flex Connectors
  • Insulation jackets
  • Silencers
  • Temperature sensors
  • Thermocouples
  • Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs)
  • Vibration isolators, sensors, & switches

Details of the most common industrial fan accessories provided by AirPro are listed below. If you need an accessory not listed or have questions about how AirPro can provide your package solution submit a quote request or give us a call.

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Industrial Fan & Blower Replacement Parts

Dampers: Dampers provide flexibility by enabling you to control the air flow moving through the fan. They are commonly used on fans that have a starting temperature lower than the actual operating temperature. The fan will require more horsepower to cold start the fan than when the air has reached operating temperature. A damper can throttle the air flow until operating temperature has been achieved.

We offer three different damper types, and each one is offered in different materials and construction classes. Each damper can be operated by either a manual lever or by an actuator and positioner.

  • Opposed-blade damper: The most common, least expensive, and least efficient damper is mounted on the outlet of the fan. Most commonly operated by a manual lever.
  • Parallel-blade damper: Mounted onto the inlet side of an inlet box, this damper provides pre-spin to air entering the fan inlet. It is sometimes used as a fan outlet damper when a small operating range is needed.
  • Variable-inlet-vane (VIV) damper: The most efficient and most expensive type of damper, this damper is mounted onto the inlet side of the fan and is generally operated by an electric or pneumatic actuator.

Inlet-box damper: Inlet box dampers are used to efficiently guide the air into the inlet of the fan. The inlet box is often used when there are space constraints that restrict the length of the duct entering the fan.

Flexible connectors: Each connector usually comes with two steel flanges that are connected with flexible material, which provides flexibility in connecting the ductwork to the fan inlet and/or outlet openings. Flex connectors are preferred in many installations to isolate the fan from the system, helping to troubleshoot and solve system vibration problems. They are required when mounting the fan onto spring or rubber vibration isolators.

Silencers: Silencers decrease fan operating sound pressure  levels. Silencers are used on the fan inlet, outlet, or both and can be positioned either vertically or horizontally. Silencers often require accessories, such as weatherhoods, bird screens, and/or filter boxes.

Weatherhoods: Weatherhoods are designed to protect the airstream from weather-produced elements. They are used at terminal points of the system, such as the fan outlet or inlet.

Bird screens: Bird screens can be used on the fan outlet or inlet to prevent unwanted objects from entering the airstream.

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