“What kind of fans do you build?”

We get asked that question all the time. The following pictures are a great representation of the size range of fans that AirPro builds.

Big Fan

Big Fan

Small Fan

Little Fan

The picture on the left is an impeller that is part of the larger products that AirPro builds. That particular wheel was built for a medical waste facility in California. The picture on the right is the smallest wheel AirPro has ever built. An abnormal project for AirPro, the wheel was built for a system display for one of our customers. Though the purpose and applications of both differed widely, you can see from the images that both impellers received the same amount of detail and precision. The following image provides another great size comparison.


Big Brother, Little Brother

So what kind of fans exactly does AirPro build?

AirPro builds industrial-duty, centrifugal fans. Though we do some work with axial fans, our main focus is centrifugal. What’s the difference? The following picture represents an axial fan blade. You’ll see that the blade pulls and pushes the air in a horizontal direction. The centrifugal blade (aka impeller) pictured above pulls air into the fan housing horizontally and pushes the air out at an angle (90º, 180º, etc.). Differences in performance and purpose exist; we’ll write about those differences soon.

axial fan blade

As a 100% Employee-Owned, Engineer-Lead company, AirPro functions with an extremely high level of integrity and grit. The result is an engineering & manufacturing machine that can consistently crank out high-quality, long-lasting air moving equipment while adjusting at the drop of a hat to meet the tightest of deadlines, all while maintaining the same level of excellence. In short, AirPro employees handle every fan as if it were their own. Because we own it before you do!

Nehemiah White is the Marketing Coordinator for AirPro. He loves to roam the manufacturing floor capturing pictures of some of the best, biggest, & most exotic fans AirPro builds. When not at AirPro, Nehemiah enjoys a quiet coffee date with his wife and a day at the park with his three children.