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Industrial Exhaust Fans

AirPro’s industrial exhaust fans ready for shipment

AirPro industrial exhaust fans for various applications

Industrial, centrifugal exhaust fans are engineered to meet specific performance requirements across a wide range of industries. From low-to-high air volumes, medium-to-high static pressures, low-to-high temperatures, clean-to-dirty air, and light dust-to-paper trim, AirPro has multiple types, sizes, and configurations of industrial exhaust fans to satisfy these requirements.

AirPro manufacturers three types of centrifugal exhaust fans:

  • Air-handling industrial exhaust fans: The IEAH model is AirPro’s air-handling centrifugal exhaust fan. Functioning in clean-air and light dust-loading applications, this fan features a streamlined, heavy-duty design with a focus on performing with high operating efficiencies.
  • Material-handling industrial exhaust fans: With its rugged design, our heavy-duty exhaust fan is able to move heavy, sticky, and abrasive materials through the airstream without compromising the integrity of the wheel.
  • Trim-handling industrial exhaust fans: Our industrial exhaust fan for trim-handling applications is designed for edge trim removal of materials, such as paper, cardboard, and various metals.

Which AirPro industrial exhaust fans will work for my application?

Selecting the best type of industrial exhaust fan for your application is crucial to satisfying your performance requirements in the most efficient and effective way. You can select your own fan and obtain budgetary pricing through the use of our online fan selection program – myAirPro. You can also talk to one of our engineers at 715-365-FANS (3267) or contact us.