Industrial Centrifugal Fans and Blowers


AirPro fans & blowers are developed and designed utilizing the latest computer modeling software, built by AWS qualified fabricators, tested and rated according to AMCA 210, balanced to ISO standards, and thoroughly inspected throughout our production phase.


AirPro offers the efficient and competent solution: World's fastest online fan selection and pricing software, personalized quotes, expedited lead times, full-scale CAD drawings, custom fan designs, OEM fan replacement parts, and on-site fan & blower service and repair.


AirPro relationships operate under the Golden Rule “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Built on a foundation of trust, AirPro industrial fans & blowers are built as if we were going to own, use, and maintain them.

“…the company of engineers at AirPro listen to our specifications and then develop and provide a blower that stands up to the test of time. Our job specifications change by size and number of units all the time. We can always count on AirPro Fan and Blower to help us in providing a great product to our customer.”

Mike (Food Processing Equipment)

“Please tell all the guys in the shop, ‘Great job in getting this fan out in 2 weeks.’ That beats any delivery I have ever seen on a custom piece of equipment. This is my 33rd year in the business, and I have not seen anything shipped this quick.”

Dave (Dust Collection)

“(We) just finished upgrading a batting oven using the fan we bought last year and were able to boost efficiency by 15%, production increased 12%, and oven heating time was cut by 50%.”

Oliver (Combustion Air)

“We appreciate AirPro’s commitment in getting these fans completed in very short notice. This is only one reason why we continue to do business with AirPro in order to satisfy our customers’ systems requirements.”

Ed (Air Conveying Equipment)

“AirPro provides me with custom fan designs at competitive prices, technical support and service exceeding my expectations, and solid accurate delivery dates.”

Evan (Air Pollution Control)